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Why Beaufort?

Why Beaufort?

When talking to customers about Wildlife Removal and living in Beaufort, I’m always interested to learn the many reasons they have for moving to (or staying in) Beaufort. During my years in the area I’ve probably heard countless reasons, but in this article I’ve decided to narrow it down to the top ten reasons to individuals like to live in Beaufort:

1. Considering all the beaches, rivers and tidal creeks that lie at the Beaufort region, we frequently have to ask customers what sort of water activities they’re searching for. Beach-goers enjoy Hunting Island State Park for it is beautifully manicured beaches and picnic areas. If you’re looking for seclusion, then perhaps private beaches such as Fripp Island or Harbor Island. Boaters who love to fish or cruise beware. Beaufort has numerous inlet rivers and tidal creeks, you might have trouble exploring them in a lifetime.

2. I might hear this more than any motive people reside in Beaufort. There are two different types of Beaufortonians. At a time where many regions have far too much urban sprawl, Beaufort remains relatively unspoiled. I can’t count the customers who’ve moved from larger cities like Atlanta and Charlotte. Significant time development and gridlock traffic is something we certainly do not miss.

3. “Lots of history and culture.” Being the 2nd oldest city in South Carolina, Beaufort’s history remains prominent today. Historic architecture, Gullah Culture, and beyond civil war monuments indicate yesteryear. Our history has paved the way for a good deal of tourism. Residents and visitors alike enjoy taking carriage tours of the downtown historical district, touring the Penn Center, and seeing the Antebellum houses in the Old Point section of city.

4. “Each of the Festivals.” You name it, we’ve got a festival for this here. In a smaller city, it’s very good to have constant city coordinated events to visit. Seniors, families, and young love birds can be viewed in attendance.

5. “I am ready to retire.” Dataw Island is usually called Beaufort’s best retirement community.

6. “It’s a excellent place to raise a family.” Small town values and lack of big city distractions make the area a terrific place to raise a family. The adults do more activities together, kids develop together forming with lifelong friendships, and a lot of the huge town mischief does not happen here. Families here also enjoy festivals, parks and boating activities held during the year.

7. “A great job market is vital.” While no significant industry resides here, historical and hotel tourism, property and healthcare centers provide an extremely low unemployment rate and a lot of jobs. Beaufort Memorial, the resort islands of Harbor and Fripp, some of the prettiest property in the country are part of what make the job market quite powerful.

8. Mild climate is absolutely one of the greatest reasons that customers move to Beaufort. In the 70s for about 6 months annually, I can’t imagine anywhere to our weather.

9. “Plenty of Southern Hospitality and Charm.” The first thing I discovered when researching the Beaufort area was amazingly nice the people are.

10. One of the things people love Beaufort is your food. Being a small town there aren’t thousands of restaurants such as other large cities. What the city lacks in quantity is makes up for in quality. Unlike many cities, Beaufort has not turned into a strip mall of chain restaurants. On just about ever corner, there’s a Mom n’ Pop’s eatery that will have your taste buds begging for more. The best part is it is all original. If you eat Thai Truly, LT’s County Cookin, or Bricks on Boundary you enjoy it. As you won’t find those areas any where else on earth.

Beaufort is a superb place to live in. The reasons to live here are as diverse as the men and women who give them. Beaufort attracts all sorts of people – singles in addition to households, Northerners and native Southerners, younger and older people (and all ages in between).

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